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We are seeking an enthusiastic and talented individual to help problem solve the US initiative for decarbonizing the electric power grid by 2035. You will gain knowledge and expertise in utilizing cargo airships as the only solution for transporting larger wind turbine blades and heavier power grid equipment to meet future U.S. electric power requirements. You will analyze the cost, time, and CO2 footprint for current handling solutions and demonstrate the benefits of a larger than ever payload capacity and cargo bay volume of cargo airship to existing transport capabilities. We are looking for applicants who share our passion for a cleaner future and ensure that the cargo airship solution is applied in a way that maximizes their value to humanity.

Internship Qualifications
Completed B.S. degree or higher level of education in engineering, business, or similar.
Basic knowledge of transportation, logistics, power systems, and/or green energy
Proficient command of English grammar and spelling

Internship Duties
Study the transportation and logistics for oversized electric power equipment and mega wind turbines.
Participate in study exchange, publications development, meeting organization, outreach, and advocacy.
Participate in monthly project status meetings and weekly brainstorming sessions.
Research various modes for cargo transport and perform comparison studies showing advantages and disadvantages
Contribute to a research program for utilizing cargo airships to resist climate change and promote a cleaner future.
Define required work, outcomes, timeline, and resources for a planning phase study.

Required Skills:
Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • ¨ Highly creative, motivated, and passion-driven self-starter
  • ¨ Ability to work independently, under pressure, and manage time
  • ¨ Ability to communicate ideas visually, verbally, and in writing
  • ¨ Ability to think critically and out of the box to find solutions
  • ¨ Previous market research experience is a plus
  • ¨ Experience with Adobe Photoshop/Infographics is a plus

Public Relations (PR) Intern

We are seeking a promising, self-motivated Public Relations (PR) Intern who is full of creative ideas and passionate about media relations, generating press coverage to support the development of a next-generation zero-emission t cargo airship. raising public awareness in the U.S. and abroad

The ideal candidate will be a young and creative PR or communications graduate or student, with A fervent interest in aviation and green technology

Good writing and research skills and understanding of PR and promotional concepts.

The candidate will have experience creating PR plans, reaching out to media & influencers, managing proactive and reactive media relations, creative PR writing, pitching media, tracking coverage, and identifying timely opportunities.

  • Participate in brainstorming and planning sessions.
  • Conduct research to support PR planning.
  • Draft and distribute press releases.
  • Communicate and build relationships with current project partners,
  • Utilize social media and blogs, undertake general administrative and clerical duties
  • Working knowledge of design software (e.g. Photoshop)
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Strong social media management skills
  • Well-organized, able to work with deadlines


International Business Development Intern

The International Business Development Intern is responsible for developing and implementing a global marketing plan and is responsible for defining and delivering opportunities for Aeros to develop new business partnerships internationally. To act as a champion and ambassador of Aeros’ values, mission, and products.

Essential Functions:
• Identify new sales leads and business opportunities, researching individuals and companies online, especially on social media
• Instigates face-to-face meetings with existing, new, and potential clients to establish their needs and identify potential opportunities
• Prepares presentations and proposals tailored to specific client
• Prepares sales/marketing plans for requested territories
• Develops and maintains an understanding and perceptions of major industry stakeholders including skills, needs, and trends
• Development to support strategic decision-making and sustainable business growth
• Researches new and existing customer needs
• Identify future client requirements and advise appropriate internal departments to enable Aeros to source and provide appropriate professional and profitable end-to-end solutions
• Ensures existing and potential client base and accounts are monitored and managed
• Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events as needed/required
• Supports Marketing and PR personnel to assist with direction and activity of promotional initiatives as required
• Contributes to the content and delivery of promotional literature as required
• Knowledge of Industry, Current Events, and Global Markets
• Proficient command of English grammar and spelling
• Knowledge of creative marketing, advertising, and technology trends
• Knowledge of global business sales, lead generation, and client development
• Experience in client satisfaction
• Ability to draft sales/marketing proposals

• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Highly creative, motivated, and passion-driven self-starter
• Ability to work independently, under pressure, and time manage
• Ability to communicate ideas visually, verbally, and in writing
• Ability to think critically and out of the box to find solutions
• Detail oriented

Extensive travel is expected for this position

Bachelor’s degree in International Business or related field preferred but not required

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control of static heaviness (COSH)

The patented COSH system allows the Aeroscraft to compress inert helium for in-flight ballasting, which enables true vertical take-off and landing flight without external ballasts, used bother airships. By being able control the vehicle’s heaviness relative to the outside air, the Aeroscraft has eliminated the need for infrastructure and ground personnel from the equation, and opened a new area for cargo logistics, commercial and government transportation.